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The 14th Anniversary issue of Education World featuring 51 TOP new Edupreneurs of the Millenium..

Education World

Education World in their November issue and which also happens to be their 14th Anniversary issue, through numerous interviews with less-than-well-to-do parents and promoter-principals of private budget schools, proves (and official statistics of several state governments including Maharashtra and Karnataka among others confirm) that there’s a swelling exodus of children from all but the poorest households fleeing dysfunctional government schools defined by decrepit infrastructure, chronic teacher absenteeism, anti-English language prejudice and abysmal learning outcomes, for private budget schools run by dedicated education entrepreneurs mindful of reputation. According to Dr. Parth Shah, founder president of the Delhi-based Centre for Civil Society, the country’s top-ranked think tank, the number of unrecognized private budget schools countrywide is more than 400,000, equal almost to one-third of the country’s 1.40 million recognized Primary-Secondary Schools.

In their 14th Anniversary issue, Education World has presented brief profiles and insights into the motivations and aspirations of 51 turn-of-the-century new millennium education entrepreneurs — not only promoters of education institutions, but also entrepreneurs who provide goods and services which help schools, colleges and universities transform from good to great. Their growth and development has been coterminous with EducationWorld, which during the past 14 years has played a significant role in moving education from the outer periphery to near centre of the national agenda.

MDN Edify Educations, Directors Mr. A K Agarwal and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, have featured amongst the 51 top education entrepreneurs of the millennium. It is heartening to see all their hard-work and enthusiasm for the education field shining through.